Create your Online Business Space

FS-Designs, based in Hertfordshire, build customer editable websites using the latest versions of  Concrete5 open source  Content Management System. For the end user, this means day to day content changes can be made without requiring specialist tools and developers, this is all done in a standard web browser using a logical and friendly interface. We deliver these websites and web-apps to both Businesses and Customers alike. We also work with Shopify, Presta-shop and Magento.

FS-Designs will work closely with you during the design phase, the build and after the website is live. If you opt to use our UK based web-hosting and email we can perform a full switching service to minimise website downtime which can be a problem if incorrectly.

We build websites that are built for your Marketing efforts, our SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) can tune your website to improve your visibility in search engines.

Welcome to FS-Designs, we are transformation specialists taking your ideas and turning them into reality. We build a combination of beautiful and functional websites.


noun: transformation; plural noun: transformations

a marked change in form, nature, or appearance. "British society underwent a radical transformation"


An excellent service with very clear guidelines along the way. Captured our ethos and branding perfectly.

Very fast response times and a pleasure to work with. Communication was excellent and ongoing support is very helpful. Regular updates were received and we could check progress very easily.

We would highly recommend this company to anyone looking to start a website.
– -

Website hosting of the highest quality

While you are free to use the website hosting of your choice, we can also provide hosting for you. We use hosts that are UK based or which have data centres in the UK.

Our recommendation, CMS of your choice

Our first choice would always be Concrete5 it has a great interface to build with and a first class logical interface for maintaining content. Other choices include Wordpress, or for an e-commerce approach there are a number of possible solutions

Always responsive.

When we build websites they are always responsive, this means they will display on a wide variety of devices. What gets displayed is very much dependant on both the website content and the device.