Create a tailor-made business space

This is no better time to stake your claim on your corner of the internet. FS-Designs is ideally suited to provide you with a range of options on the best platform to use to build your website.

By choice we would always recommend a CMS, two such examples being Concrete5 and Wordpress. There are other options available of course. especially if you are building an e-commerce website, depending on how complex your needs are we can consider Shopify, PrestaShop or even Magento.

For a general website in my professional opinion, I would always recommend Concrete5 as the best CMS(Content Management System) currently available. It is a fully open source and provides a true WYSIWYG interface for editing content.

All of the websites I build are SEO orientated and Marketing driven. Concrete5 has excellent abilities to maximise their SEO and is a first class choice for any website including a Marketing driven ones.

When you work with FS-Designs we will listen to your needs and provide what you want and not what we think you should have. You will be working directly with the web designer, there are no agency fees or third parties to worry about.

We are often asked:-
"What is the best CMS or WCMS to choose?"
The response is what are you trying to achieve, what your end goal is, determines what CMS to choose.

On the CMS page we look at this is more detail for my answer here will brief. For a general website I like to build with Concrete5 which I consider the best cms, if your focus is a shop then PrestaShop or Magento are good choices. There are other options that I work with including WordPress, Joomla, and . SquareSpace 

Regardless of all of this the CMS and WCMS based websites are customer editable if you choose to do so.

If you want to discuss your requirements then contact us here